Apply to IDEA's Master Program

Admission to the Master's Program is based on academic excellence. Students with a university degree and a good mathematical background are encouraged to apply. Applications are evaluated continuously from November 15 until June 30.

Applications must be submitted online. Along with your application, you will need to upload the following documents in PDF format:

  1. Original transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. If your transcripts are not in English, Spanish, or Catalan, you will need an official translation. You must also include transcripts of your graduate work if applicable.

  2. A statement of purpose describing your motivation to pursue a graduate degree in Economics. If you have a specific interest in a particular field of Economics, please describe it in your statement of purpose.

  3. GRE and English proficiency test scores. Although these documents are not compulsory, we encourage you to include them with your application.

  4. Once you have uploaded all the necessary documentation, two letters of recommendation will be automatically requested to your letter writers. Your letter writers will receive email instructions on how to upload the reference letter.

There is a non-refundable 60€ application fee.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Tuition Fee (EU citizens): 1660,20 €/year+1000€/year for complementary courses

  • Tuition Fee (Non-EU citizens): 4800 €/year+1000€/year for complementary courses

  • Administration Fees (all nationalities): 140,92 €/year.

  • Degree Equivalence Fee (only applicable to students holding a foreign university degree): 218,15 € (one-time payment).