PhD Program

PhD in Economics

The IDEA Ph.D. program is jointly organized with the Barcelona School of Economics.

Students must have completed a research master's in Economics such as the IDEA Master's Program to apply to the Ph.D. Program. Admission decisions are based on a careful evaluation of the student's background, which includes the grades in the master's courses and the quality of the master's research paper

In IDEA, students enjoy a high student-faculty interaction and a stimulating research environment. Our Ph.D. graduates take on careers in academia, the private sector, and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The PhD Program is part of the ENTER network of European universities. 

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Questions about the Ph.D. Program? 

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Alumni Statements 

Andrii Parkomenko - 2018 (USC - Marshall School of Business)

"IDEA offers a challenging but, at the same time, friendly environment -- precisely the type of setting that an ambitious graduate student needs.  Besides, being a part of Barcelona GSE, IDEA students have access to one of the leading communities of economists in Europe."

Alejandra Ramos - 2017 (Trinity College University of Dublin)

"The program offered me a fantastic academic environment with active discussion in seminars, access to cutting edge researchers and amazing supervisors."