PhD Program

PhD in Economics

Students with an exceptional background can apply to the IDEA PhD Program. The IDEA PhD Program is the research stage of the student's graduate education, while the IDEA Master's Program is the in-class learning stage. Students must have completed a research master in Economics such as the IDEA Master's Program to apply to the PhD Program. Admission decisions are based on a careful evaluation of the student's background, which includes the grades in the master's courses and the quality of the master's research paper.

During their studies, PhD students are required to submit their work every year and present it in front of a small group of faculty members, who will provide advice and evaluate the student’s progress. By the end of the third year, all students are expected to have successfully defended their dissertation before a committee. After the successful defense, the PhD degree is awarded

The PhD Program is part of the ENTER network of European universities.

Recent Placements

  • Duke School of Business (USA)

  • Harvard Business School (USA)

  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China)

  • Toulouse School of Economics (France)

  • University College London (UK)

  • University of Cambridge (UK)

  • Universität Mannheim (Germany)

  • United Nations Human Development Program (USA)

  • USC Marshall School of Business (USA)

  • World Bank (Switzerland)

Questions about the Ph.D. Program?

Email our graduate programme manager at

Alumni Statements

Andrii Parkomenko - 2018 (USC - Marshall School of Business)

"IDEA offers a challenging but, at the same time, friendly environment -- precisely the type of setting that an ambitious graduate student needs. Besides, being a part of Barcelona GSE, IDEA students have access to one of the leading communities of economists in Europe."

Alejandra Ramos - 2017 (Trinity College University of Dublin)

"The program offered me a fantastic academic environment with active discussion in seminars, access to cutting edge researchers and amazing supervisors."