Master Graduates

IDEA Alumni Statements

Ignasi Merediz Solà - 2021 (PhD student University College London) 

"My experience at the IDEA Master of Research in Economic Analysis was exceptional, both personally and academically. The program provides excellent training in economics research with a broad range of subjects. It is a very friendly, supportive and stimulating atmosphere to learn and thrive. IDEA prepared me really well to continue my academic training by joining the PhD in Economics program at University College London (UCL)".

Joseph Emmena, 2021 (IDEA PhD Student)

"Taking the IDEA PhD track opened up the chance for me to do research at a level which I would not have reached without it. The teaching and academic environment of the Master's program significantly improved my technical skills but also gave me a passion for research. I am very grateful to the IDEA professors and leadership team for this, but also to the students with whom I worked, as they challenged and supported me in equal parts on my path towards getting my PhD with IDEA. If you want to do research in Economics, then the IDEA program really is a great choice".

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