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Alumni Statements

Christian Alemán Pericón2022 (ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles)

"The IDEA program offers world-class formation and opportunities for a successful academic career in Economics. My time in Barcelona was fantastic and I am very grateful for it".

Dennis Hutschenreiter - 2022 (Halle Institute for Economic Research)

“The IDEA Program has provided me with a solid foundation for my research. I benefit every day from the rigorous training in economic theory and quantitative methods as well as from the experience of supportive guidance by an excellent faculty.”

Augustin Tapsoba2019 (Toulouse School of Economics)

"At the IDEA program, I benefited immensely from a vibrant academic environment with top scholars that were always available to provide guidance and feedback to Ph.D. students. To this day, their passion and dedication to research continue to inspire me."

Andrii Parkomenko - 2017 (USC - Marshall School of Business)

"IDEA offers a challenging but, at the same time, friendly environment -- precisely the type of setting that an ambitious graduate student needs.  Besides, being a part of Barcelona GSE, IDEA students have access to one of the leading communities of economists in Europe."

Alejandra Ramos - 2017 (Trinity College University, Dublin)

"The program offered me a fantastic academic environment with active discussion in seminars, access to cutting edge researchers and amazing supervisors."

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