Apply to the IDEA PhD Stage  

Most of the IDEA graduate students have graduated from the IDEA Master program.  To apply to the IDEA Master program, click here.

Students having completed a Research Master in Economics similar to the IDEA Master´s Program can also apply to the Ph.D. Program. For further information, contact

Applications to the Ph.D. Program are open from February 15th to March 20th, from April 5th to May 30th, from June 10th to July 30th and from September 1st to September 15th

To read more about the application and admission procedure to the Ph.D., please visit this site. Applicants who do not come from one of the two reference master's programs of our Ph.D. program should include with their letter of motivation the confirmation of acceptance as thesis supervisor from a professor of the program.

Tuition Fees

Expected Tuition Fees for 2023-2024 academic year:

Degree Equivalence Fee it's  only applicable to students holding a foreign university degree) (one-time payment).