MIBF (Hong Kong)

Double Degree IDEA-MIBF

IDEA offers a Double Degree Program with the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) of Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Through this program students can combine a research master that provides them solid analytical training and tools in Economics (IDEA) with the specialization of an international master in Banking and Finance. Students participating benefit from the professionalizing complementarity of the two master’s programs. MIBF provides a strong specialization in the areas of Banking and Finance but also covering the areas of Accounting and Regulation. MIBF graduates typically take on careers in large international financial service sector companies. Students of the IDEA-MIBF Double Degree Program benefit from career placement at both institutions. You may visit the MIBF web site for more information.


2 years. Full-time


120 ECTS (IDEA) + 30 Credits (MIBF)


UAB (Barcelona) and Lingnan University (Hong Kong)

Degrees awarded upon completion:

Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (Lingnan University)

Master in Economic Analysis (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Academic Track:

Year 1


Optimization, Probability and Statistics, Game Theory, Microeconomics I and II, Macroeconomics I, II and III, Econometrics I and II, Introduction to Matlab, Advanced Matlab

For updated course information, you may visit here (portant a http://idea.uab.es/program/offerings.html)

Year 2

At Lingnan University

(Fall Semester)

A total of 5 courses, with at least one course in each of the following 4 clusters: Corporate Finance Cluster, International Cluster, Investment Cluster, Financial Institutions Cluster. For a complete list of course offerings, you may visit here:



(Spring Semester)

2 courses in 1 module (courses are grouped in modules) and a Master’s Thesis, which includes immersion to the related literature. Courses offered include Topics in Trade and Empirical Finance, Money and Banking, Macroeconometrics, Networks, Applied Publica Economics, Experimental Economics. For a complete list of course offerings and the module structure, you may visit here https://www.uabidea.eu/master-program

Language of Instruction:


To Apply:

IDEA master students can apply to the IDEA-MIBF Double Degree Program at any time during their studies, including when they first apply to the IDEA Program. For new IDEA applicants who wish to be considered for the IDEA-MIBF Double Degree Program, please go to the IDEA admissions web site https://www.uabidea.eu/apply. When uploading the application materials, the online form will allow you to indicate that you want to be considered for the double degree program. Admissions are based on academic merit.

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